Liturgical Ministries

The Liturgical Ministries are the roles members of the community fulfill during the Liturgy, especially at the celebration of the Eucharist. The primary ministries are: lector, cantor, server, Eucharistic minister and usher/greeter.

Ministry member lists below:

Altar Server List

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion


Lectors proclaim the Word of God in the first two Scripture readings. This ministry requires persons with good public reading skills. But even more important than technique is the lived experience of the lector who personally meditates on the Word of God. They proclaim in such a way that the real presence of Christ in the Scriptures can transform the lives of those who hear the Word of God. Requirements: must be 18 years and older; received all three Sacraments of Initiation; practicing catholic in good standing with the church.

Music Ministry: Music Director, Nio Logaivau

Cantors & Musicians are the  leaders of song for the worshiping assembly.                                                  Cantors need to be familiar and comfortable with the songs they lead. Like Lectors, they must pray and meditate on the Responsorial Psalm because this too is the Word of God proclaimed from the lectern. Cantors do not replace the singing of the assembly, but rather empower and enhance it.

Altar Servers or acolytes assist the ministers of worship in carrying  out their role of leading the community in prayer. They carry candles with the processional cross and with the Book of the Gospels. They hold the book of prayers for the presider while he leads the prayers. They assist in preparing the altar for the Eucharist, bringing cups, wine, water, etc. to the altar. Servers help the worship of the community to proceed smoothly and efficiently.  Requirements: 1) Received the Sacrament of Penance and First Holy Eucharist 2) regular attendance at Mass 3) must attend training class – contact the parish office to register for the next session. Training classes are 2x annually. 4) view attached video

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are assembly members appointed  by the priest to help in the distribution of the Eucharist when there are not enough clerics present to give communion in a timely fashion. Because they present Christ himself, the Body and Blood of the Lord, to the communicants, they reflect the dignity of the moment by their decorum and solemnity. They look in the face of each one in order to convey the love that the Lord Jesus himself offers to each person. Requirements: by invitation only by the Pastor; must attend Diocese sponsored class; await formal appointment from Diocese via letter from Archbishop to Pastor; attend formal induction Mass before being scheduled to serve.

Ushers or greeters are responsible for hospitality. This ministry includes: making sure the worship space is clean, comfortable and inviting; greeting parishioners as they enter and as they leave the church; collecting the offering and organizing the presentation of the gifts. Ushers are also responsible for dealing with emergencies or other disruptions of the celebration. At all times they show special respect for individuals and represent the very hospitality of Christ. Requirements: Must be a minimum of 16 yrs. old; attends Mass regularly.

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