We the faithful of St. John the Baptist Parish, in communion with our Pope, Archbishop and Pastor, proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Light of the world. We desire to share His love with everyone in our community through our words and actions.

Through the many gifts we have received from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we strive to live Gospel values every day of this life in anticipation of the life to come. Our guides for this journey are:

  • Spirituality: We pledge to honor, obey and worship God in reverent celebration of liturgy, sacrament and prayer.
  • Personal Development: We proclaim the Good News so that all lives may grow in faith, from the elderly who are our foundation, to the young who are our future.
  • Community Service: We take up Jesus’ call to reach out to each other through the many talents we are given.
  • Stewardship: Our response to God’s love requires self denial and tithing to enrich the spiritual and physical life of our community.

We pray to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, through the intercession of our patron, St. John the Baptist, that the Word of God continues to be spoken and believed in our countryside, just as it was by the small and courageous community that preceded us more than two centuries ago.

Administered by the MISSIONARIES OF THE SACRED HEART – USA                                       visit us at: misacor-usa.org


7:30pm Holy Thursday – Mass of the Last Supper of the Lord 

3pm Good Friday Service

Holy Saturday : 1pm Blessing of the Easter Food;  8pm – Easter Vigil Mass

Easter Sunday Masses:                 8am & 10:30am            

   April 28, 2019


3pm Prayer Service


The Parish Office, The Lord’s Pantry, and PREP follow the Palisades School District guidelines for inclement weather “Closures and Delayed Opening.”

Before heading out in bad weather, call the parish office at 610-847-5521 to verify if we are open.

Join us on a venture of a lifetime – our Pilgrimage from St. John the Baptist Parish          to the Holy Land in September of 2019!  Come and walk in the footsteps of Jesus and see the Gospel come to life!


Click on link for details: Holy Land Brochure





Adoration begins immediately following the 9am Mass on Friday and closes with Benediction & Mass at 9am on Saturday. WILL YOU KEEP WATCH FOR ONE HOUR WITH ME?


Email Anita Colahan at amcolahan@epix.net if you are available to dedicate                 one hour a month. Thank you. View the video Midnight Watch