Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (and Teens)

“To convert somebody go and take them by the hand and guide them.” ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

Please pray for our Catechumen & Candidate as they continue on their faith journey into “Full communion with the Catholic Church” at our Easter Vigil Mass. 

Adam Crews (Candidate)

Meghan Gilbert (Catechumen)

2018-2019 RCIA Calendar

For Adults  (18 yrs. old and over) who have not been baptized and are interested in exploring the Catholic faith, beliefs and practices are invited to participate in the RCIA program.

This is a process of prayer, reflection and study spread overs several months (Oct.-May), during which the inquirer participates in Catholic life and worship. The focus of the process is Christian Conversion, a change of heart in which the individual turns toward God and away from whatever is in the way of living a full Christian life.

For Teens – Has a teen you know starting asking questions about the Catholic faith?

Teen RCIA is for teens 14 – 17 yrs of age, who may be interested in joining the Roman Catholic faith.  Offering teens the time and environment to be formed in the teachings and practices of Catholicism. Preparation for full communion into the Catholic Church through the Sacraments.

If you would like to register for  our RCIA  program please contact Donna Sciacca, DRE at the parish office or complete the online registration form below and return to the parish office.

At least one parent/guardian must be aware of and give consent to their child inquiring about and potentially joining the Catholic Church.

 Registration Form(pdf)

“A Continuing of  Sacrament Preparation” Classes (2 yr. program):

Youth who have been baptized and are interested in returning to the Catholic church to complete the reception of their Sacraments, please contact Donna Sciacca, DRE at the parish office to schedule an appointment.